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Web 2.0 Trademark?

Stefan Tilkov,

It seems “Web 2.0” is about to be trademarked by O’Reilly:

One of these events - the upcoming Web 2.0 half-day conference is the target of a cease and desist letter (below) from the legal team of O’Reilly publishers. Basically O’Reilly are claiming to have applied for a trademark for the term “Web 2.0″ and therefore IT@Cork can’t use the term for its conference. Apparantly use of the term “Web 2.0″ is a “flagrant violation” of their trademark rights!

Great news, maybe that’ll lead to an early death of the absurd term. (No, I don’t really believe that. But one can dream).

[via Bill de hÓra]

On May 30, 2006 11:35 AM, Loek said:

That’s ridiculous. So far for the social aspect of Web 2.0 as far as O’Reilly is concerned. However there is a simple yet elegant solution to this: let’s just call it Web 2.1 or Web 3.0, as that would make O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 obsolete ;-).