, Mar 8, 2006

Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie introduced LiveClipboard, a way to interact with structured data — a web developer can enable a page for copying and pasting of data to and from the clipboard, using microformats to provide structure and optionally update linked information via RSS. Very cool.

I also find it remarkable that all of the demo screencasts have been done using Firefox, and that everything has been put under a CreativeCommons license.

It seems that Microsoft actually gets it this time.

Naturally, this has been linked to all over the place; some examples:

  • Phil Windley had live coverage of Ray Ozzie’s keynote
  • Mark Baker wonders about the proprietary wrapper
  • Danny Ayers links it to the Semantic Web
  • Steve Loughran and friends seem to have a patent on web clipboards. I believe this is something different, and software patents are Evil anyway.