Restlets and Jetty Continuations

, Dec 18, 2005

Via Mark, I came across Restlets — a programming model and API for building RESTful applications in Java. My excitement is somewhat limited, but that may change once I spend a little more time with it (this year’s christmas project is building a REST reference app in Java, and though I planned to do it using servlets and JSPs only, I think I’ll give this stuff a try, too).

While taking a look at the Restlet docs, I came across this 3 month-old post from Jetty creator Greg Wilkins to find out that Jetty 6 does continuations — very cool.

On December 21, 2005 8:05 AM, Jerome Louvel said:

Stefan, please let me know if you need help using restlets on your Christmas project. Cheers, Jerome