SOA-Reliability for HTTP

, Nov 8, 2005

The name sucks, but the content is very interesting:

SOAR-ity is intended to allow for “reliable” (this term is almost always a misnomer) messaging over HTTP. It achieves this goal by introducing two new request headers, Message-ID which provides a unique ID for a message and MsgCreate which contains the date and time on which the first instance of the message with the associated Message-ID was sent. The purpose of the Message-ID/MsgCreate pair is to allow any HTTP request (e.g. any HTTP method can be used) to be repeated multiple times with a guarantee that the message will be processed no more than one time. In essence it makes any HTTP method call idempotent.

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On November 18, 2005 1:30 AM, Yaron Goland said:

The best link to use for SOA-Reliability (and yes, the name sucks) is It will point to the latest draft.