Mac OS X on Intel

, Nov 19, 2005

From a posting by a former Apple employee:

A few years later I was extra-disclosed and had to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) on the Intel builds. This is when I learned that the Intel builds didn’t just compile and link. They actually ran, and they ran fast! I hadn’t seen java run so fast on Mac OS X before, on any hardware. Because using Mac OS X on Intel was such a joy, there was a time that I tried to do all of my work on Intel. I succeeded for a bit, but it was hard. Whenever you used the Mac OS X on Intel machine, you had to close your door and your blinds since not everyone was disclosed. It wasn’t always so easy to be shut off from the rest of the team that way.

I’m so looking forward to ordering the first Intel-based PowerBook the day it’s announced …