Web Services Standards

, Sep 22, 2005

WS Standards Poster

The September 2005 release of our Web Services standards overview is now available — thanks to all of you who have provided feedback. Your paper copies are on their way :-)

The poster is available in PDF format. Be warned, though: The amount of information requires at least a DIN A1 printer.

We’ve tried our best to come up with a correct, current, and reasonably complete overview. Let me know whether this is useful to you, and please point out any mistakes or glaring omissions. I promise a DIN A0 paper copy to anybody who finds an error …

On October 1, 2005 7:38 PM, Mark Masterson said:

I promptly asked for, and got, 3 copies of this. I have the advntage of living just around the corner from Stefan and InnoQ in Germany, so the logistical problems were minimal :)). Anyway, I just wanted to say that the poster is really quite nice. It’s a moving target, of course, so it will undoubtedly be outdated in a year or so. But for the time being, it’s a great tool. It doesn’t answer any questions about the WS-* standards soup, per se. Rather, I see it as a “birds-eye” overview of the state-of-the-practice. I’ll be using it as a starting point for Googling quite a bit, I expect. Oh, and one more thing — it’s HUGE! ;)