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Stefan Tilkov,

785 unread messages in NetNewsWire

I don’t read blogs for three days, and this is what happens … 785 messages, where 150 probably are worth bookmarking and 50 actually merit closer reading. Damn.

The last time I tried to somehow work through the backlog of messages that had accumulated, I ended up just hitting “Mark all read” on a thousand or so … inducing a feeling of calm and relaxation. Maybe I’ll do it this time, too.

First of all, though, I need to get rid of all the stuff that I should blog about but can’t.
So out with you, half-read and blog-worthy links before you get stale! (Trust me, all are worth following.)

Microsoft on wider MDAAxis2 M2Mapping [DataContract] to XSD and othersSOA for SMBs?Thoughts about building InfoCard on RESTRESTful Web: Just Use Media TypesNetBeans notes from Tim Bray, more hereJDBC 4.0 Early Draft, including a generic datasetPodcasting, filed under inaccessible and inconvenient, +1Web Services Modeling Ontology (WSMO)Rails and AjaxOpen Source WS-CDL implementationLanguage Workbenches: the killer app for DSLs?Comparing XSLT and XQuery and the Amara equivalentsSure, Jesus made wine from water, but I did it with a dirty sock and fruit snacks!Rails on lighttpdTim Bray On ThreadsIntentional EvilWhatWG and the event-source designExtremely interesting stuff on dynamic contract-checking by Dion, and some opinion on Steve and Ed’s paper