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Axis 2 Milestone 1

Stefan Tilkov,

This sure sounds like the right way to go …

Axis2 is an effort to re-design and totally re-implement both Axis/Java and (eventually) Axis/C++ on a new architecture. […] Another driving force for Axis2 is to move away from RPC oriented Web services towards more document-oriented, message style asynchronous service interactions. […] At the time of Axis1’s design, RPC-style, synchronous, request-response interactions were the order of the day for Web services. Today service interactions are much more message-oriented and exploit many different message exchange patterns. The Axis2 engine architecture is careful to not build in any assumptions of request-response patterns to ensure that it can be used easily to support arbitrary message exchange patterns.

Axis 2 M1 has just been released — and it definitely deserves a closer look.

[Hat tip to Christian for the pointer]