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Stefan Tilkov,

On Friday, I had the great pleasure to give a talk on Model Driven Architecture and Business Process Management to a bunch of students of the FH Hagenberg, an Austrian University located near Linz. It seems there’s an active software development community located there, placed in a rather idyllic setting. I really enjoy doing stuff like this; it’s a nice refreshing experience to just being able to do one’s best to explain a topic one cares about, without any sales or marketing aspect to it.

I’ve put up the slides; they’re not very likely to make any sense to you unless you were one of the people who attended. I’m still amazed at myself being able to squeeze 4 hours worth of talking out of 40 slides; the best excuse I have for my slides’ poor state is that their basic purpose is to remind me of what I wanted to talk about.

BTW: I played around with different ways to do presentations in the last few weeks. This particular one has been done using John Gruber’s excellent Markdown (here is the presentation source), which I fed through a ridiculous little script I wrote to produce a single HTML file in S5 format — the most important benefit being that I could do the slides using the world’s most advanced editing environment. It’s pretty neat to use, although embedding graphics is a pain; one of my next pet projects is going to be conversion of Markdown markup to Keynote’s XML format :-)