Redesign in Progress

, Nov 14, 2004

Instead of continuing to tweak my older weblog templates (from MT 2.6.x times), I have decided to start afresh from the new (3.1) templates. If I did a redesign with a local copy, and with the aim of publishing it only when 100% finished, I would never manage to get it done. In fact I have a bunch of half-completed redesigns lying around in my file system to prove it :-) So I have decided to just do it directly on the public site. Hopefully some of the strange effects I had before, like comments showing up only after a refresh, are fixed as a side-effect. (As an aside, dynamic publishing, once I get it to work, should significantly speed up my own publishing as well as comments and trackbacks). In the meantime: Apologies for any inconvenience.

On November 14, 2004 11:35 PM, Stefan Tilkov said:

Just testing, everything still shiny and new here.