A New Toy

, Oct 12, 2004

I got me a shiny new toy: a 17” iMac G5, 1GB RAM, 250GB HD, Airport (and associated AirportExpress to connect to my stereo), Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse.

It’s … pretty neat.

Is it a worthy successor to my trusty old Cube? I’m not sure. It’s definitely not as beautiful (in fact, it looks a little kludgy), and it’s definitely a lot louder (I’m not sure yet whether it works as designed or whether something is broken. Still, damn loud for a Mac is the same as whisper quiet for a PC.) And damn, it’s fast, noticeably faster than the PowerBook.

On October 12, 2004 5:07 PM, Paul Brown said:

I thought you mean a really old cube (http://www.homecomputermuseum.de/comp/177_de.htm)…

On October 12, 2004 8:42 PM, Stefan Tilkov said:

I never owned one of those, although I used it for some time … incidentally, though, the “Q” in the name of our company (innoQ) is there because the co-founder, who was a big NextCUBE zealot, wanted to do a pun on the word “Cube” :-)