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Links, Links and Links

Stefan Tilkov,

It’s crazy that the most interesting discussions in the blogosphere always seem to be happening when I’m either not in a blogging mood or don’t have the time; anyway, here’s a bunch of Web services-related links that are all worth following: Tim Bray and others argue about the number and complexity of the WS-* specs; Tim’s post is a good starting point. I agree with Geoff Arnold about Dare Obasanjo’s JSR comparison. Michael Hanson’s weblog seems to be well worth subscribing to, but I can’t seem to find a feed link. I’ll have to elaborate a bit more on this post from Simon St. Laurent later; Radovan very clearly demonstrates that it’s a pity he doesn’t have more time for blogging — great post. Mark, Jim and Savas are having a fascinating discussion about REST uniform APIs vs. the ProcessMessage idea.