Web Services on Mac OS X

, Jul 2, 2004

There are only very few toolkits supporting development of Web services in C++, since most of the world is focused on Java or .NET these days. I had previously used Systinet’s Server for C++ on Linux and Windows, so I thought I might give it a try on Mac OS X. Systinet, unfortunately, does not provide a binary version for OS X (which is very sad, both for geek users as well as their developers, who don’t get to play with shiny new Macs. It would be such a great excuse for their VP of Engineering to get his hands on such a beast (hint, hint). But I digress), but you can get access to the source code under NDA. It comes with the typical automake/configure stuff, and a single change (adding #define WASP_PLATFORM_FREEBSD 1 to the config.h file) allowed me to do a clean compile. After playing around with it for a few days, I can confirm that it runs very smoothly and without any problems — so now I’m able to build SOAP-based, interoperable Web services in Xcode, which is simply a great development environment.