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Decent Code

Stefan Tilkov,

If you want to know what decent code looks like, take a look at Censorzilla. Excerpt:

md/xfe/prefdialogs.c:                             fe_globalPrefs.ask_password - 1, /* hack? naaah. */
cmd/xfe/prefdialogs.c:                 AAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!  Some sonofabitch is gonna pay for this one
cmd/xfe/prefdialogs.c:                 Motif is such a categorical piece of shit.  I hate my job, I hate
cmd/xfe/prefdialogs.c:                 away, probably because of some bullshit to do with it being a modal
cmd/xfe/prefdialogs.c:                 exactly what that fucking two-stage-destroy bullshit was supposed to
cmd/xfe/prefdialogs.c:                 of these days, I fucking swear.  I'm going to go Postal Worker and

I know that feeling …