Infrequently Asked Questions Concerning the Proper Spelling of 'DTD' in its Plural Form

, Jun 4, 2004

About the proper plural of DTD, which is not DTD’s:

Q: What is the ‘Apostrolypse’?

A: The ‘Apostrolypse’ is a term for the cataclysmic and final collapse of our planet brought on by the misuse of apostrophe by illiterate people, viz., death by apostrophe. Think of it as worse than nuclear fallout: suffocation of all living organisim’s by the relentles’s rain of gratuitou’s apostrophe’s, swelling up as toxic aerial miasma… Variant theory: “Apostroluge,” or global destruction by deluge; all air-breathing terrestrial creatures are inundated by apostrophes and die, reminiscent of Noah’s flood except that there’s no boat.

This problem plagues the German language, or rather the way it’s used, just as much …

(found via dive into mark’s b-links)