Microsoft Doesn't Want to Educate Me

, Apr 9, 2004

Here’s a question for Robert Scoble, let’s see if he’s able to pick it up: I have Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player installed. I also run Microsoft Office. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to suffice to be able to watch the presentations from the .NET architecture overview series. How do you expect to evangelize people using other platforms when they can’t view content - even if they’re on a supported platform? The same goes for things like this:

To view the demo only as a standalone .wmv file, choose the file 20040408VisualCKGDemo.exe

Why hide a wmv inside an executable? What’s wrong with plain old Zip file format?

Seriously, if anybody can send me the URI of the media stream for the Technology Roadmap presentation that has got to be hidden somewhere inside that JavaScript/DHTML mess, that would be just great.