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Mac OS X and Lotus Domino Administration

Stefan Tilkov,

For some strange reason, Lotus Domino, which offers a Web administration console, refuses to cooperate with any Mac OS X browser I have available. Even using the Mozilla/FireFox User Agent Switcher Extension (which is very cool) doesn’t help.

This sucks. What’s the point of offering a Web UI if you’re restricting its usage to those who use IE >5.5 (and could just as well run the native Lotus Administrator) and those who run an ancient Navigator 4.7 on Linux (shudder)? Are maybe only those who are too dumb to use a decent browser allowed to administer Domino?

On May 3, 2004 5:22 PM, Jack Dausman said:

IBM/Lotus has promised the inclusion of Mozilla for WebAdmin.nsf accessability with Domino 7. I’m testing Domino 7 now, beta 1, and the feature hasn’t made it in (but they have reiterated that it will make it in an upcoming beta release). The WebAdmin tool is very polished, it’s going to be great to have Mozilla access.