Is UDDI a failure?

, Apr 18, 2004

Jeff thinks UDDI is a failure. I have no problem to agree that the UBR — the centralized, all-encompassing registry where everybody registers their public services — can be called a failure. But I strongly object to calling UDDI a failure in the typical SOA scenario, which is something happening within the enterprise or in a group of trusted partners.

I agree that UDDI is not perfect. In fact, I had an opinion similar to Jeff’s for quite some time — until I actually spent a while familiarizing myself with the conceptual details. I have since come to the conclusion that all this taxonomy and categorization stuff is actually pretty ingenious. LDAP doesn’t seem to be suited to the purpose at all, and saying “let’s just an RDBMS” is like saying “let’s drop this SAP crap, we’ll just use DB2”.