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Stefan Tilkov,

If you’re reading this weblog with a browser, you might have noticed that there is now a Linkblog section (on the right side of the main page) — a place for me to put quick links that I don’t want to comment on (or don’t have the time to). If you’re mostly following the stuff here in an RSS reader, you won’t see the link blog entries, since I don’t currently include them in the syndication feeds (but you may have noticed that the frequency of new entries went down). My plan is to do the mindless link propagation in the linkblog, and only put “real” entries (i.e. those where I actually write or at least add some content myself) to the main part.

As of yet, I’m undecided how to handle this. Having a quick an easy way to put links in my blog is nice, especially if I can just publish them without having to take the time to write detailed comments. I’m not sure whether it makes sense to have the quicklinks in the RSS feed. I could do a second feed, or I could do multiple feeds - everything, everything but the German stuff, everything but the quicklinks and so on. What do you think?

(In case you’re interested in how this works: The entries for the linkblog are put into their own category, and this is included/excluded appropriately by means of the MTCatEntries plugin.)