Nokia 9500

, Feb 23, 2004

I thought my gadget-mania had been cured, but this announcement makes me wonder whether it’s maybe only dormant:

This week, [Nokia] chief executive Jorma Ollila unveils a prototype of the Communicator 9500, a device that ties more neatly and swiftly into corporate IT systems than any gadget Nokia has offered to date. Among the 9500’s selling points is wi-fi circuitry that allows users to connect to the Internet in wireless hot spots and securely link up with business networks.

That does not sound bad at all … [via Russel Beattie]
Update: Frank Koehntopp a.k.a. GadgetGuy has some more details.

On November 16, 2004 9:19 PM, Robby Chang said:

I was meneger in my shop, I wanted bought cellular phone especially Nokia (9500 communicator) or sony ericsson (p900,p910i). For my payment only accepted the credit card did not accept a kind paypal, money order etc.. For my sending only used fedex or ups, when was that was interested in selling me will be serious to buy him and you could contact to my enamel,

Thank You,

Robby Chang