FloodMT Attack

, Feb 8, 2004

Somebody started massively flooding my blog with comments, obviously automated pretty efficiently. I’ve reattached the comments to this entry. Update: A quick Google search shows that the script to do this is freely available, which sucks, but there’s probably not much one can do about it. Update: There’s some discussion about the crap flooders going on; some patches I may apply are available from Phil Ringnalda’s blog. Update: I had left the comments for possibly trying to find out more, but it seems this is actually old news (an excellent step-by-step guide to a safer blog is available at Burningbird). I’ll remove the comments and leave only one of them, so perhaps somebody looking around as I did today will stumble across the instructions.

On February 8, 2004 12:47 AM, Fiarsyx said:

FloodMT is the first integrated solution for testing Movable Type blogs for working anti-spamming features. It can also be used to check the effectiveness of plugins such as MT-Blacklist and ClearComments. It has been tested with Movable Type 2.6, and should even work with version 2.66 if a sufficient number of proxies are used.

Written in the procedural programming paradigm, FloodMT is a multithreaded script compatible with Python 2.2 and onwards, using only core libraries. It is the ideal solution for Movable Type crapflooders, scalable across the enterprise and all other applications. A port to Haskell is being considered. GKVxAcf KkQWiTRv gBwMMbewtzzq ZQfwqFgjop UKXZ FGhissWLqvVU zFhHXaEN lZSMLLEMwR FCFdBwjPXlac FhwvOrIChh gsXmQrRbZUYb bZDlIF