Weblogic on Mac OS X

, Jan 21, 2004

Mark Nottingham reports that Weblogic 8.1 runs on Mac OS X. This is really cool - I just recently discussed the pros and cons of my switch to the Mac platform and its applicability for the “real” developers in our company. The non-availability of tools like Weblogic was a major obstacle. Now, if they’d only make it official …

On January 28, 2004 1:51 PM, Philippe said:

Hi! I read you managed to install Bea WL 8.1 on OS X. I’ve tried so far with the, Sun, AIX and Linux versions, but I must be doing smth wrong, it keeps throwing errors at startup… (and it’s not the JAVA_HOME settings, I adapted those) —> do you have an accurate Howto for this proces? If you’d have that, I’d be VERY thankful! (mail it to me than, please —> phlamote@mac.com) Kind Regards, Philippe