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Longhorn news from L.A.

Stefan Tilkov,

Clemens Vasters’s company, newtelligence, did a debrief of new information gathered at the Microsoft PDC in LA. It was a very interesting evening. It was fun to meet Clemens, whose blog I have been following for quite some time now, in person. The beer was free (sponsored by MS), so the basic human needs were covered.

Contrary to the agenda in the invitation, Clemens was the only speaker, which was fine by me — he is easy to listen to, seems to be as knowledgable as one can be about technology that is only a few weeks old, and did a good job covering the essential news of Longhorn, Microsoft’s new OS due to be released some time in 2006 (God willing, that is).

So thanks to newtelligence and Clemens for doing this! I had read quite a bit about Longhorn before, and I assume most everybody reading this will have done so, as well. Nevertheless, here’s my brief, and very personal summary of what I found interesting …