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Building the Web with Web services

Stefan Tilkov,

Mark Baker has written an article on his O’Reilly weblog, and says:

If this doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

I hate to say it - but this article is just crap. When I initially subscribed to Mark’s blog, I did so because he was frequently mentioned as a well-known REST proponent. Following his writings, I got the feeling that either I am simply too dumb to understand all the references to some greater, hidden, from his point of view, obvious things; or alternatively, there is nothing deep hidden beneath the shell he creates.

I have long suspected so, but now I am finally convinced that in Mark’s case, the emperor really has no clothes.

On November 26, 2003 9:59 PM, Mark Baker said:

Yes, the emperor really has no clothes. You’ve just got your emperors confused.