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Dare Obasanjo on SOA:

So where are we now? Well, it seems that XML Web Services are now passe and Service Oriented Architectures are in. To an XML guy like me, this is great because it means that I can now build RESTful XML Web Services and still be buzzword compliant. No more hiding XML behind objects that don't map properly to the data and clunky RPC-encoding schemes for me.

Interesting. I wonder whether it's really SOA vs. RESTful XML Web services - to me, these are orthogonal concepts.


On October 20, 2003 2:53 AM, Dare Obasanjo said:

I wonder whether it’s really SOA vs. RESTful XML Web services

No it isn’t which was the point of my post. For a time it was SOAP-based XML Web Services vs. RESTful Web Services until people realized you could look at the problem from a higher level then come up with an architecture that is a superset of both approaches. Now SOAP-based XML Web Services even RPC-encoded ones are as much SOA as RESTful XML Web Services.

This is a step in the right direction.