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Stefan Tilkov,

Wolfgang, an old friend of mine, has a new blog. Congratulations! It looks pretty neat, and it's built on top of Innovation Gates's content management system, WebGate, which seems to finally leave its Lotus Domino roots behind ... Helping to test Wolfgang's trackback implementation, let me point to an interesting article about Agendus, a software for Symbian phones/PDAs. The sad fact, criticized by Wolfgang, that somehow very few people seem to grasp the importance of connecting information like contacts, todos, and appointments, seems to be true for the PC world as well, although on a different scale. I, for one, have numerous places where I store information - in e-mails, in the logs of ICQ conversations, in custom Notes databases, Office files, etc. Wouldn't it be great if these were all interconnected? Even a simple full-text search would be nice, although a "real" relational model would be just great.