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Docbook Webhelp

Stefan Tilkov,

Continuing my Docbook experiments, I have found this stylesheet, which allows for generation of a Webhelp interface - i.e., something similar to Microsoft's help format, but with the navigation panel rendered via a Java applet.
That applet is even provided by Microsoft as part of HTML Help Workshop - Microsoft providing an applet, strange, strange ... those were the days.
Now if only I could find a working JavaScript alternative to the applet ...

On November 20, 2006 2:18 PM, José Luis said:

A long time after your post, I’m having the same problem…

I’m trying Docbook to generate webhelp. As you said, applethelp.xsl renders navigation pantel via a Java applet. Did you find a javascript alternative? (another “.xsl”, “applethelp.xsl” parameters, etc.)


On November 20, 2006 8:15 PM, Stefan Tilkov said:

No — sorry. If you find one, please let me know :-)

On August 23, 2010 7:47 PM, Kasun Gajasinghe

Author Profile Page said:

Hi there. Again, after a long time!

I along with my mentor David Cramer created a JavaScript version of DocBook WebHelp under the Google Summer of Code program. It is css-based, rather than frameset-based.

The proposal is at: Proposal for WebHelp output for DocBook. The demo is available here: The documentation for WebHelp is included in the demo. You can download a beta version of the package fro there.

Final release notes are at: DocBook WebHelp Project

SVN location:

Sorry for the huge no. of links. You may find some useful information there, contact us on DocBook mailing list if you need further help.