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Stefan Tilkov,

I spent a lot of time redoing the MovableType templates and the CSS for this site, as well as setting up a weblog for my wife. The latter experiment led to some good and bad revelations about weblogging in general and MT in particular: I thought some time about how to create thumbnails for my wife's sketches, only to find out that MT can do it on-the-fly when you upload the images files - very nice. The bad news is that I find it next to impossible to explain to the wife how to use her weblog, especially for uploading this stuff.
Consider: She can operate the scanner, but the steps required to go from there to a posting in her blog are multiple: crop the scanned image to the right size, change the images size, upload it (answering MT's questions correctly), and finally editing this obscure HTML stuff before finally seeing anything.
This is not going to work - things should be a lot easier. I know there are tools to move pictures from digital cameras directly to a weblog - why doesn't the same thing exist for scanners? Or does it?