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Stefan Tilkov,

So I thought I might give Firebird a try. Firebird is the newest Mozilla offsprint, and its aim is to be a small, fast browser without the bloat that burdens the rest of the pack. Installation is great - because there is none. Very Mac-like, you simply download an archive, put it somewhere, and run the application. No registry entries, no cluttering of the start menu ... very nice.
It runs nicely and seems to be very fast. It supports tabbed browsing, something I really like on the Mac with Safari.
But then I switched back to IE.
The reason is very simple - Firebird does not support scrolling via the third mousebutton. Well, it does so, sort of, with an extension called autoscroll - but this forces me to reconfigure the ThinkPad's mouse to have the third button be just that. Then it works, but only in Firebird - but no longer in any other Windows app. That's something I simply can't live with since I have got so used to using this.

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