, Apr 22, 2003

My name is Stefan Tilkov, I am a managing director of a Germany- and Switzerland-based consulting company called innoQ. Although I do quite a bit of administrative stuff, I still try to maintain some technical knowledge. This means, for example, that I still consult in customer projects. Fortunately, the company is still small enough so that this is feasible. My technical interests include large-scale software development, preferably using modern, object-oriented and/or component based techniques, and specifically two subareas - Web services and Model Driven Architecture (MDA). innoQ is a Systinet Solution Partner, and I am also a member of Systinet's Technical Advisory Board. MDA is of interest to me not the least because innoQ develops and markets a product call iQgen, an MDA-compliant (whatever that means) code generator. I run this blog mainly as an experiment, you can find out more about that here.