RSS/WebLog Client Wishlist

, Feb 28, 2003

OK, So I'm trying out commercial software. NewzCrawler has an integrated (?) Blog client - so let's try if this works ... OK, I was able to post my weblog. It added a stupid "posted with line", but that's probably a limitation of the trial version.

Why do they do that? If I try out software, I can live with a nag screen; if I like it, I'll buy it.

Anyway, it didn't do anything obvious that FeedReader doesn't also do, and the Blog client looks nice but is not really integrated. What I'm looking for is this:

Something that combines my browser (be it IE or Netscape or Mozilla, I don't care) with a list of channels/newsfeeds, and allows me to select part of the text and with a single click add a link to the page, together with the selected text, to my weblog - allowing me to enter a title. It would be really cool if I could drag&drop texts from the browser windows, since that is the way I usually work: I google some subject, follow several links and links in those pages, and have a short history of about 5-10 pages that I'd like to add together to a single weblog entry.