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John Devadoss about Big SOA, Little SOA

John Devadoss wrote a post on “Big SOA, little SOA”. He is advocating a - what Microsoft calls the middle-out approach - instead of a top-down or bottom-up approach.

This middle-out approach starts on a small business case and “build out the entire use case end-to-end, from the data through to the consumption”. All the time you should have “the big picture” in mind, as if you were building a “Big SOA”, i.e. stick to the right tenets, build highly adaptable and reusable services and start to setup a SOA Governance  along the way:

You don’t learn by planning – you learn by doing. Partitioning your functionality helps you track changing business needs much more effectively.

I’m especially fond of his “snowball” metaphor:

Last, but not the least, successful customers use what we call a “snowball” approach. How do you build a big snowball? You start with a small snowball.

Posted by Hartmut Wilms at 04.08.07 21:23

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