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Installing Visual Studio 2008 on Windows Server 2008

Today I’ve had a hard time installing Visual Studio 2008 on Windows Server 2008. I finally wanted to test WCF hosting within WAS.

The installation broke several times with Error 1330:

"… d:\cab11.cab has an invalid digital signature …"

I tried copying the installation files to HDD, another installation media, mounting the ISO image - all to no avail.

Finally I found a blog post on the issue by Heath Stewart. Within the comments to his post he recommends to

check your performance settings, to see if the failed machines are set for Background Service Optimization? Also, are these Win2K3 machines or what platform are they?

On Vista: "Start"->Right click on Computer, select Properties. On the left, select "Advanced System Properties", click "Settings" under "Performance", then click the "Advanced" tab. Is "Programs" or "Background services" checked.

I switched the performance settings to "Programs" and also defragmented the target disk with the build-in defragmenter. Afterwards the installation ran perfectly fine.

Posted by Hartmut Wilms at 24.03.08 22:07

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I was installing Visual Studio 2008 Enterprise Edition, “VS2008ProEdition90dayTrialENUX1435622.iso” trail download, and I got: Error 1330.A file that is required cannot be installed because the cabinet file cab1.cab has an invalid signature. This may indicate that the cabinet file is corrupt. I unzipped the ISO image with WinZip v12.0 and found Cab1.cab certificate was in fact bad; I right clicked, selected Properties, Digital Signature tab, clicked on the signature and verified, it was bad. I read about a problem with Internet Explorer 6.0 download corruption and tried Mozilla Firefox. This gave me Cab1.cab. I the found numerous corrupt cabs and after seven downloads I still need: Cab6.cab, Cab7.cab, Cab13.cab and Cab37.cab. Can anyone give me these cabs off their server?

Posted by: Brad at 29.09.08 04:24