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New LINQ to XSD release

It has been a long time since the last preview of LINQ to XSD, which targeted Beta1 of Visual Studio 2008. Now Microsoft’s XML team is announcing a new release that works with Visual Studio 2008 RTM.

If you’re a VB developer LINQ to XSD won’t mean anything to you. C# developers will now be able to work with LINQ to XML in a type-safe manner:

The LINQ to XSD preview illustrates our initial thinking on a strongly-typed programming experience over LINQ to XML. Instead of working with untyped XML trees, LINQ to XSD allows you to program in terms of strongly-typed classes, generated based on an XSD schema.

Although LINQ to XSD fits into MS’s strongly typed thinking, you’ll loose the benefits of untyped XML trees, such as a uniform interface for accessing XML.

Posted by Hartmut Wilms at 24.02.08 14:09