ONLINE: March 16, 2022

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The Web is the standard technology for modern application development. Whether desktop or mobile, on the Internet or Intranet: the browser is the universal tool of choice for implementing new UIs. But Web technologies also set the tone in areas beyond UIs, such as backend-to-backend communication. Because of its ubiquity, the Web ecosystem is flourishing like no other in IT. But this also means that keeping track of available frameworks, tools and even protocols is almost a full-time job. Whether HTTP/2+3, OpenID-Connect or the latest JavaScript framework: new things are emerging on all fronts. But how do we classify these new developments? And what remains constant in this fast-moving environment?

Pure competence!

Matthias FrankeArchitektur Softwareengineering, PROSOZ Herten

A web application that is subject to high, non-functional requirements is an overall solution that consists of many individually developed, but also many standard components. Therefore, individual tools are only a small part of the whole. In this training, regardless of a particular programming language or web framework, you will learn the concepts, architecture options and decision alternatives that you need to consider for web applications.


  • Web vs. Enterprise IT
  • RESTful HTTP
  • Foundations of basic protocols
    • HTTP and URIs
    • Self-describing messages
    • Caching and Conditional GETs
  • Web infrastructure
  • Frontend optimization
  • Internal architecture of web applications
  • Security
    • Authentification und authorization
    • OAuth 2.0
    • Architecture variants
  • Internal platforms vs. Cloud Computing
  • Resource-oriented Client Architecture (ROCA)
  • Usage of JavaScript, AJAX
  • Architecture options and use cases

Local training with competent trainers – you go home with expanded knowledge and a good mood.

Ludger SpringmannBitmarck Software GmbH

Are you already certified for the iSAQB Foundation Level? Then you can add a module to your iSAQB Advanced Level with this training. But also people who are simply interested in web architecture will learn valuable and practical content.

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