Distributed Systems Fundamentals with Kyle Kingsbury


A two day lecture & discussion class for engineers who need an overview of distributed systems concepts and techniques, from papers to production. We cover the basics of nodes and networks, common network protocols, clocks, availability, consistency, and a spectrum of distributed algorithms, followed by a discussion of latency scales, engineering patterns, and running services in production.

This class should be helpful for software engineers, operations engineers, and architects with beginning to intermediate knowledge of distributed systems.


Day 1: Theory

  • What are distributed systems
  • Nodes and networks
  • Clocks
  • Availability
  • Consistency
  • Algorithms: from gossip to consensus
  • Characteristic latencies

Day 2: Praxis

  • Common distributed systems
  • A pattern language
  • Production concerns

For questions, please contact us at training@innoq.com.


Kyle Kingsbury, a.k.a “Aphyr”, is a computer safety researcher working as an independent consultant. He’s the author of the Riemann monitoring system, the Clojure from the Ground Up introduction to programming, and the Jepsen series on distributed systems correctness. He grills databases in the American Midwest.

Dates & Registration

There are no public trainings available at the moment but we are happy to offer you an inhouse training. Please contact us here training@innoq.com.