Workshop: Service Meshes Hands-on with Istio and Linkerd

Microservice applications need features like circuit breaking, monitoring, and authentication. Until now, most of them have been laboriously housed in libraries or bloated API gateways. A service mesh lifts observability, routing, resilience, and security into the infrastructure. But can the Kubernetes stack bear another level of abstraction? When should we use a service mesh and when not? And what is the difference between implementations like Istio and Linkerd?

In this hands-on workshop, participants configure the Istio and Linkerd service meshes using a microservice application as an example and explore their features and APIs.

The goal is to gain a deep understanding of the service mesh architecture and its capabilities and disadvantages. The hands-on experience will enable participants to make well-founded decisions on possible applications.

09:30 - 16:30
Conference / Event
Continuous Lifecycle London 2020
QEII Centre, London



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