Digital Business Models

Forward-thinking Digital Solutions.

Combining Knowledge and Strengths.

Developing unique services from your ideas.

Your technical expertise and our development know-how are a very promising combination. In a software-as-a-service model (SaaS), we transform your new or existing business model into an innovative, digital service for your customers. Of course, that applies to the entire life cycle – functional, technical, and commercial.

The power of change.

Digitalization changes the way we work together, how we communicate, and how we deal with information. Nowadays, hardly any company or organizational unit remains unaffected. From process optimization to customer communication; whether large enterprise, mid-size company, or startup. Business areas change, entirely new markets are opened up – with new products and new services. For years, INNOQ has successfully assisted companies in establishing digital business models and in the digital transformation. There are countless definitions of exactly what that means.

We understand it to mean one thing above all: transforming your ideas into success – through technical excellence; sustainably, motivated, and fair. That does not mean that we don’t also like to participate in the process of generating ideas. But experience shows that the best ideas already exist in the heads of the employees. We are the partners who design and develop them into successful digital products – from idea generation and conception to implementation. Thanks to our years of experience in technology consulting and in the development of digital products, we can cover all the functions: product management, design, UI/UX, front end and back end development. Above all, this also means that we have the right experts to solve your difficult technical problems.

Our code for your innovation.

As an outsider – and a purely digitally thinking – partner, we have the necessary distance, and the courage, to think about things in completely new ways, to approach problems quite differently. That gives you the opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition externally and to initiate new processes internally. The decisive factor is always to place the focus squarely on people – whether customers or your own employees. That can mean an SaaS solution that facilitates collaboration with your customers. Or the effective combination of knowledge and data within departments. That not only saves valuable time. A thorough digital transformation also has the potential to change the entire corporate structure.

Particularly in mid-size companies, a digital business model can lead to a decisive competitive edge. In this area, various kinds of partnership are conceivable: such as external IT department, consultant and knowledge mediator, or product developer. The last option, in particular, is a form of intensive collaboration: With a project team – usually consisting of software developers, web designers, and cloud engineers – we enter the process at an early stage, providing you with design support, handling the architecture, selection of technology, complete implementation of the service, and, of course, also taking on responsibility. This results in a software application that can react to current market requirements while also offering the appropriate technical scalability – without any long-term financial obligations.

We invest in the future. With time and know-how.

Innovation is a part of our name, and good ideas are what drives us forward. Above all, when they move us forward technologically. But sometimes there is that one outstanding idea, which we can also move forward technologically. Therefore, we also offer Tech4Equity investments for startups in the B2B area: our IT service in exchange for shares in the company. In other words, we are also willing to share the entrepreneurial risk with you, assuming we find the idea and the entrepreneurial team convincing. In this context, we understand ourselves as initial enabler. That is particularly important. Because the goal is always to create a setup that can achieve sustainable success. That is why we support you both in developing the product and in building a tech team that can continue to develop that product over the long term. Do you have that one big idea? We look forward to meeting you.