Olaf, in your view, what is the greatest benefit of Vertical Pick & Pack?

The standard software with adaptations to the various situations in the countries enables employees in the depot to pick and pack the goods for the end customers and make them available for loading on the truck simply and in a time-saving manner. The core of the software is logistically optimized truck dispatching, which results in better utilization and is thus more economical and ecological. In particular, from our depots in Poland, we got the positive feedback that the software enabled them to adjust perfectly to changes in orders during the course of the day and to utilize the trucks optimally.

What were the particular challenges in Vertical Pick & Pack?

The team in Vertical Pick & Pack, consisting of about 20 employees, was actually too large for agile work. We could have easily divided the verticals into three more verticals, but, because of the great interdependencies, we decided against it. Instead, we formed the teams Picking, Wave Planning, and Outbound Monitoring, which have coordinated closely with one another and, together, have prioritized the most important points.

Another big challenge was efficient team management for daily deployment. INNOQ made it possible through smoke tests and 24/7 second level support.

In your view, what was the particular added value of collaboration with INNOQ?

Above all, INNOQ supported us with its enormous technical knowhow. The consultants work agilely und understand a lot about change management in the context of digitalization. They are pros in verticalization and in software architecture. They analyzed the process quickly and competently, independently identified the concrete requirements, and evaluated possible solutions. They cooperated closely with me and the other verticals to drive implementation forward. If I may be permitted a comparison, it was like an ant hill, where each one knows its task precisely. Above all, I liked the structured way in which new employees were familiarized with the process and the tasks.