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Der Rails 2.3-Murks

Hier ein paar Notizen, die heute bei der Migration einer "enterprisey"-Rails-2.1-Anwendung auf Rails 2.3.2 entstanden sind. Vielleicht dienen sie dem einen oder anderen als kleine Hilfe:

  • ActionController::AbstractRequest doesn't exist anymore
  • relative_url_root has moved to ActionController::Base
  • Test Helpers must now ALL inherit from ActiveSupport::TestCase instead of e.g. Test::Unit::TestCase
  • instead of accessing/subclassing ActionController::AbstractRequest in tests etc, use ActionController::Request
  • String#truncate(str, len, omit) is now String#truncate(str, :length => len, :omission => omit)
  • ActionController::AbstractRequest.parse_query_parameters is now Rack::Utils.parse_query
  • to be able to use fixture_file_upload, post, get etc. in (functional) tests, ActionController::TestProcess has to be included in the test case
  • ActionController::TestCase::Assertions has to be included into ActiveSupport::TestCase to enable e.g. assert_redirected_to
  • request.headers['type'] is now empty in tests -- use request.headers['Content-Type'] instead.

Diese Liste wird sicherlich noch erweitert werden, wir sind ja erst am Anfang der Migration...


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