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Python 3.0 released

December 6, 2008

Some are talking about a big break, but some of the mentioned things are simply a polishing for the implementation of known python principles.


Python has had a perfect way to represent chunks of written human language for ages. In Python 2.6, 2.5, 2.4 the class was called 'Unicode'. The class for representing a byte sequence was called 'String'. Syntax for (unicode) string literals was also not very intuitive: u'hello'.

In Python 3 names were changed and are perfect now:

There should be only one, obvious way to do things

The obsolete ways, marked as such some point-versions ago, are removed in the current version. So if you strive to memorize the syntax of a programming language and the standard library, you've just gained some spare space in your brain and can have a look at the details.

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