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September 24, 2008


I have finally found the wiki system of my dreams: git-wiki, originally written by Simon Rozet.

It is based on a git repository, that holds all the wiki content in text files (default - markdown syntax). So you can install it on a server in the internet, clone the repository to your notebook and change content either online or offline during the travel and then merge the content with normal git aids.

And you can use your favorite editor to edit the content.

It is implemented in Ruby with the light Sinatra web framework.

The code base of git-wiki consists of one file with about 300 lines - perfect starting point for your own implementation/fork. And thanks to git and github you can start hacking anytime. And I have already fixed the first bug that I found.

I am going to use two branches:

1.for conservative development where probably more people will pull my changes:

2.for bigger extentions, that make more sence for me:

Posted by VladimirDobriakov at 1:59 AM