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May 27, 2007


In the project I am currently working on we use python and jython for acceptance tests.

It would be also a great platform for enterprise applications, be it web applications, service oriented system or anything else.

Regarding long term trend I agree with the following explanation, I recently went across:

What is Jython?

Jython, lest you do not know of it, is the most compelling weapon the Java platform has for its survival into the 21st century:-)

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May 26, 2007


This weekend I am attending a surfing course on Kaarster See . I mean not an internet surfing but wind surfing.

But if you are interested in internet surfing, I have some tips for you too…

If you frequently use internet from different computers like me

  1. Use some sort of web aggregator like www.netvibes.com You can have an overview of your favorite feeds, your google inbox, your new del.icio.us bookmarks, weather forecast and so on. Recently google made its start page to such sort of aggregator too.

  2. Save your bookmarks inclusively your annotations in internet, for example at del.icio.us. You can then easily exchange your bookmarks with your friends. Google has a similar service too.

  3. If you have absolutely no concerns regarding your privacy, you can use Google bar with a web history. Then you can see and analyze your search history sorted by weekday or by site. You can also see pages you have navigated to. All your life will be transparent to you. And for Google ;-). By the way, if you activate the feature today, you can even see your searching history from the last year. So google have been already collecting data for your convenience :-o.

  4. Do not waste your time reading slashdot.com! If you are just interested in a geeky stuff, read lambda-the-ultimate.

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May 25, 2007

Upgrade to Feisty Fawn and the evil Howtos

Last weekend I upgraded all my comps to the newest Ubuntu version “Feisty Fawn”. Started with the computer of my daughter, then proceeded with my Thinkpad Notebook, then upgraded the server. All important things are working now:

Now something serious: Things, that considered good for software development, for example DRY and striving for elegance, should also be a goal for system administration: less redundancy in the configuration files, layering of implementation for managing complexity. But what you find in Google if you have a question regarding configuration, is huge amount of howtos with chaotic config-file-hacking-suggestions. Best example if you are trying to install a new window-manager with 3d effects like compiz. One zillion howtos with disclaimer “works for me”, but everybody has a different combination of graphic card, internal and external display, hardware revision, set of installed packages and upgrade path he walked. Even great products like issue tracking and collaboration tool trac have this sort hacky howtos…

But this installation/configuration complications is nothing in compare with server applications or developer tools in the J2EE area, especially from the company with three big letters in the name. So if you are able to setup a local WebSphere instance in RAD6 or master a configuration management based on UCM, than it will be easy to build, for example, a kernel module for your laptop battery or to build a navigation system based on your hard drive shock sensor.

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