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February 25, 2006

1... 2... 3... Test

I feel it's time for me to start a weblog. Probably it sounds like not so perfect timing. Some gurus think "Now that everyone and their dog has a weblog" it's time to switch to something new ;-) like static home pages.

But I don't need anything new! I am old now (my fourth decade began on February 23rd) and will probably become reactionary. ;-)

Lot of people think it's time to think about world beyond java and to learn ruby on rails. I've just started learning EJB 2.1. However I have an excuse, I was more Microsoft-technologies-guy in the last years. So now I have to traverse all the ways and byways of Java evolution in a couple of month.

Posted by VladimirDobriakov at 12:35 PM