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GnuPG Java Wrapper API

Yaniv Yemini wrote a small GnuPG Java Wrapper API. Just had a small look over it. So to get it your version from here: http://www.macnews.co.il/mageworks/java/gnupg Here is just a small demo:
import javax.swing.JOptionPane;

import org.gpg.java.GnuPG;

public class Loader {

public static void main (String args[]){
	GnuPG pgp = new GnuPG ();
	String toolChain[] = {"sign", "clearsign", "signAndEncrypt", "encrypt", "decrypt"};
	String message = JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null, "Message you want to encrypt?", "Enter your message", JOptionPane.QUESTION_MESSAGE);
	String keyID = "0x56B69D6B";
	System.out.println("using message: "+message);
	System.out.println("using key ID: "+keyID);
	for(String tool : toolChain){
		System.out.println("running: "+tool);
			String passPhrase = enterPassPhrase(tool);
			pgp.sign (message, passPhrase);				

			String passPhrase = enterPassPhrase(tool);
			pgp.clearSign (message, passPhrase);				
			String passPhrase = enterPassPhrase(tool);
			pgp.signAndEncrypt (message, keyID, passPhrase);				
			pgp.encrypt (message, keyID);				
			String passPhrase = enterPassPhrase(tool);
			pgp.decrypt (message, passPhrase);				
		System.out.println("result: " + pgp.getGpg_result() + "\n\n");
		System.out.println("error: " + pgp.getGpg_err() + "\n\n");
		System.out.println("exit: " + pgp.getGpg_exitCode() + "\n\n");
    public static String enterPassPhrase(String usage){
    	return JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null, "Please enter the Passphrase of your private Key for "+usage, "Passphrase", JOptionPane.QUESTION_MESSAGE);

Unforntunetally there is a Problem with decrypting a message. It is possible to decrypt the String with the gpg CI Version, but within Java it does not work. So maybe the error is on my site :-).
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