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Yahoo Pipes

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Played around with Pipes a little bit and created an overall innoQ Blog, which collects the entries from (nearly ) all innoQ blogs.

Find it here: innoQ Pipe

Rails in Eclipse

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Brian Hogan provides a guide to have a usefull Rails development environment inside your eclipse.

Webmonday Cologne

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This time the webmonday event in cologne wasn´t that overcrowded. Three short tracks dealed with social networks, pod/vodcasts and a music search&find&share. The presentation about social networks and internet life in asia was pretty interesting, it showed how different things are going. musik.sendung introduced a platform to share and find music and playlists. i´m waiting for my account, to give this thing a try !

Btw, the location offered a free hotspot, so this was the perfect situation to confront my new Macbook with real life and a different network neighborhood. Hey, it worked !

edit: marian created the user/pw already on webmonday. I recognized that only yesterday, thanks for the hint.

Amiga in Javascript

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Meet a good old friend, rebuild of the Amiga Workbench in Javascript at chiptune.

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