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JIBX ? Yet another binding framework one could think, while reading the features. But roundtrip-engineering, schema support, full control of the code and much more definitively makes jibx numer one.

Bindmark rates it number one in performance of small and medium sets.

Tobago Master/Detail

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just a note to remember that in a Tobago sheet the value of state-attribute contains the object of the selected row.

<tc:sheet value="#{SupplierController.supplierList}" id="sheet" columns="1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;2*" var="supplierobject" state="#{SupplierController.selectedSupplier}" showHeader="true" showPageRange="center" pagingLength="10″ sortActionListener="#{SupplierController.supplierSorter}">

In the Controller get it easily by

List selection = selectedSupplier.getSelectedRows(); Supplier selectedSupplier = supplierList.get(selection.get(0));

JUG Düsseldorf

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Attended a meeting of a local Java User Group in Düsseldorf. The talk about Maven 2 was really good and I think I´ll spend some time to experiment with the new Maven. After the talk was a discussion and some beers at a bar. Sandwiches and Brownies from Subway.

Spring Discussion

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Digging into the famous Spring Framework, i recently came across this discussion.

Worth reading and some good points.

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